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List of representatives with Voting Weight below 0.2%

An (incomplete) list of small possibly trustworthy (at the end it's up to you to check!) Nano networks nodes, run by community people which have some public information available on discord, reddit, github or other websites where you can contact them. Some of them run services that you're using eventually - do some search by yourself, check every when and then if they're still running their node, you can click the address in the list to see more detailed uptime and voting stats.

The information in the list updates every hour. Nodes which are offline do not delegate their voting power - here "online" means "the last hour". All representative nodes are voting regardless of their weight - the >256 NANO rule was a vote rebroadcasting rule and it has changed now to >0.1% voting weight in v11.0.

If you meet the requirements and would like to have listed your node simply contact #standreas on discord or reddit. And.... if I see for to long a red dot I'll take it off the list.
There is a monitor for the NWC wallet representatives now here.


You may think twice before setting up your node and beeing your own rep and comunicate it in every social at your reach - basically you will show your funds to the world. explorer is the one (as far as I know) which shows also all delegators accounts. Choosing a rep with few delegators is a good idea so, don't follow the crowd.

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Representatives online: 0
Voting Weight online: 0 %
Weight Official Representatives: 0 ( %) Weight Wallet's Representatives: 0 ( %) Weight Exchanges's Representatives: 0 ( %)

Who / LinkAddressWeightPercentOnlineUptime %

A similar list with more details is here check it out too.