Nanode21 running...

How to setup a Nano node - the fast way

There are 2 ways to install a node.
1) Use this guide to setup node with docker image and node monitor.

2) You can use a small bash script that will download and configure a Nano node on Ubuntu (or other distro) for you. It installs also some basic commands to check node state, start and stop it and make sure it runs always. No special skills needed. Script is updated to install v17.0.0
Requirements:Bootstrapping should work and will take more or less 12 hours using a single core CPU. The script adds a swapfile for bootstrapping.

That's it. There is a watchdog script in place which will check every 20m if your node is responsive and restart it if needed. You may wish to learn more, here's the wiki.

How to run the Ledger in Ram....

...saving a lot of disk writing and gaining performance. You'll need 4G ram for that healthy stuff.

So far that's easy, but you may wish to sync back to disk once a day. Make sure that cron daemon is up and running and add this script to /etc/cron.daily:

killall_rai_node && sleep 10 && cp -a /media/ramdisk/RaiBlocks [path_to_where_RaiBlocks_folder_location] &&
[path_to]/rai_node --daemon --data_path=/media/ramdisk &
echo "$i Data synced from ramdisk to disk at $(date +"%a %e %B %H:%M")" >> [path_to]/node.log

Change all [path_to] to the different pathes in your installation. Note that after a reboot you have to copy the RaiBlocks folder in ramdisk again before you start the node.